Tiling Renovation Services

It happens often that a tile or some tiles are damaged or cracked and need replacement. Then you do not need to redo the job from scratch. Over the time the most common issues with the old tiles are mould buildup, cracked or chipped and the grout color fades. At Marble West Tiling we do whole kitchen & bathroom tiling renovation & resurfacing or just a partial renovation, reducing the cost and time to fix the damaged and cracked tiles. You can save money and time.

Our team of expert and certified tilers will do a cost estimation of the renovation and assess the damages. We are committed to deliver the job targeting 100% accuracy and your satisfaction irrespective of the scale of the jobs. Leave the job to our professional hands.

How we do it

  1. Contact us and describe your tiling renovation job
  2. One of our expert tilers will visit the site.
  3. Assessment of the job, including tiles and other material needed, cost and time estimations.
  4. We also supply the material needed for the job or you can supply the material yourself.
  5. Renovation, tile replacement and grouting.
  6. Delivering the job with perfect finish.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen is one of the most important spaces which needs extra care. Over the time, due to frequent usages of kitchen the tiles get old, cracked or damaged and grout might get faded and removed. The sink might get leakages. We provide a complete kitchen tile renovation services, sink leakages, benchtop replacement and repair and finishing the job with perfect grout which will last for several years without any failures.

Contact us today for complete kitchen tile renovation, replacements and repairs.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom tiles deteriorates over the years which results in hard to clean, dull, has rust and containing stains. We can help you fix and renovate your bathroom. We also provide free consultation choosing the right tiles and ceramics for your bathroom. Having over 25 years experience in tiling industry and applicable renovation methods, we ensure to get any renovation jobs done at reasonable prices & long lasting tiles. We also provide waterproofing to your leak shower. Contact us today to get a top class bathroom renovation services in Perth.

We strive for 100% accuracy and highest standards

We are expert tilers

More than 25 years experiences in tiling industry

Redesign your home tilings

Having more than 25 years experience in tiling industry, we are committed to get any tiling job done with highest standards and maximum accuracy. Clean finishing of the jobs is our priority. Contact us today for kitchen, bathroom, floor, wall and leak shower tile replacement, repair and renovation.